Trade JMPs (2021-2022)

For the 12th year running, I’ve gathered a list of trade-related job-market papers. It’s in reverse-alphabetical order by first name. If I’ve missed someone, please contribute to the list in the comments.

Here’s a cloud of the words that appear in these papers’ titles:


Zachary Kiefer (Oregon) – Extracting the Costs of International Internet Communcation
Yuting Gao (Indiana) – Lobbying for Trade Liberalization and its Policy Influence
Yuta Suzuki (Penn State) – Local Shocks and Regional Dynamics in an Aging Economy
Yu-Siang Wu (Michigan State) – Import Exposure and STEM Major Choice: Evidence from the U.S.
Youssef A. Benasser (Oregon) – Measuring Trade Policy Uncertainty and Its Impact on Financial Market Volatility
YongKi Hong (UCLA) – Related-Party Trades in Vertical Integration
Yoko Shibuya (Stanford) – Firm Size and Complementarity between Geography and Products
Yogeshwar Bharat (Michigan State) – Credit Constraints, Bank Incentives, and Firm Export: Evidence from India
Yao Wang (Syracuse University) – Linguistic Distance, Internal Migration and Welfare: Evidence from Indonesia
Xiaohan Zhang (Minnesota) – Increased degree of openness, technology capital and structural change in the U.S.
Torsten Jaccard (Toronto) – Who Pays for Protectionism? The Welfare and Substitution Effects of Tariff Changes
Tianchen Song (Rochester) – Multinationals Expansion, Shareholding Choice, and Local Know-How
Thu Tran (Vanderbilt) – Financial constraints and trade intermediation
Shihangyin (Frank) Zhang (Maryland) – Quantitative Effects of Trade Shocks Under Global Supply Chains
Ron Yang (HBS) – (Don’t) Take Me Home: Home Bias and the Effect of Self-Driving Trucks on Interstate Trade
Roman Merga (Rochester) – International Trade, Volatility, and Income Differences
Prakrati Thakur (UIUC) – Welfare Effects of International Trade in Waste
Nicholas Rowe (Michigan State) – When Does Finance Help Trade? Banking Structures and Export in the Macroeconomy
Mélina London (Aix-Marseille) – Trade Networks and Natural Disasters: Diversion, not Destruction
Md. Deen Islam (BU) – The Geography of Automation
Mayara Felix (MIT) – Trade, Labor Market Concentration, and Wages
Mathilde Munoz (PSE) – Trading Non-Tradables: The Implications of Europe’s Job Posting Policy
Maria-Jose Carreras-Valle (Minnesota) – Increasing Inventories: The Role of Delivery Times
Lydia Cox (Harvard) – The Long-Term Impact of Steel Tariffs on U.S. Manufacturing
Lidia Smitkova (Cambridge) — Competitiveness, ‘Superstar’ Firms and Capital Flows: The North-South Divide in Pre-Crisis Europe
Kairong Chen (Indiana) – Trade Policy Uncertainty: Measurement and Impacts on US firms in Global Value Chains
Jun-Tae Park (Michigan State) – The Welfare Effects of Labor Switching Costs in a Trade Economy
José-Luis Cruz (Princeton) – Global Warming and Labor Market Reallocation
John Finlay (Yale) – Exporters, Credit Constraints, and Misallocation
Jiacheng Feng (Harvard) – Signaling Export Quality under Firm Heterogeneity
Jeffrey Wang (Harvard) – Robots, Trade, and Offshoring: Perspective from US Firms
Jaedo Choi (Michigan) – Technology Adoption and Late Industrialization
Heehyun Rosa Lim (Maryland) – Trade in Intermediates and US Manufacturing Emissions
Hamza Zahid (Houston) – Global Footprints of US Energy Innovations: Energy Efficiency and Shale Revolution
Giulia Sabbadini (Graduate Institute) – Firm-Level Prices, Quality, and Markups: The Role of Immigrant Workers
Fernando Stipanicic (TSE) – The Creation and Diffusion of Knowledge: Evidence from the Jet Age
Evgenii Fadeev (Harvard) – Creative Construction: Knowledge Sharing in Production Networks
Elijah Coleman/ (Vanderbilt) – Patent Placement: Evaluating the Impact of the WTO/TRIPS on International Patenting Behavior
Conor Foley (UCLA) – Flexible Entry/Exit Adjustment for Price Indices
Chujian Shao (Washington) – International Trade, Immigration and Macroeconomic Dynamics
Brian Pustilnik (UCLA) – Trade Policy on a Buyer-Seller Network
Bin Zhao (Cornell) – Input Specificity, Firm-to-Firm Trade, and Firm Growth
Barthélémy Bonadio (Michigan) – Ports vs. Roads: Infrastructure, Market Access and Regional Outcomes
Aycan Katitas (Princeton) – Politicizing Trade: How Economic Discontent and Identity Politics Shape Anti-Trade Campaign Appeals

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