Great television: Oxfam on agricultural subsidies

Kudos to Oxfam America’s Advocacy Fund, which is paying for television advertisements of a kind rarely seen: those defending diffuse interests against rent-seekers. While I haven’t always been happy with Oxfam’s work on this issue, I think that’s a pretty good ad. Will it be effective? I’m not sure, but they’re in heavy rotation in […]

Agricultural subsidies aren’t key to food security

Baron Coleman defends agricultural subsidies on national security grounds: In theory, opening America’s agricultural markets makes sense… Free competition would dictate the price of goods, which likely wouldn’t change much for the average American consumer. If that was the end of the analysis, I would be on board. But it isn’t. The implications of being […]

Horse-trading on CAFTA might boost agricultural subsidies

I’m not sure if this paragraph from the WaPo story on CAFTA refers to agricultural subsidies or another agricultural program: The last-minute negotiations for Republican votes resembled the wheeling and dealing on a car lot. Republicans who were opposed or undecided were courted during hurried meetings in Capitol hallways, on the House floor and at […]

New US ag subsidies to replace old US ag subsidies

The next five-year agricultural plan farm bill will cover 2013-2017. The NY Times looks at where Congress is headed, in a piece titled “Farmers Facing Loss of Subsidy May Get New One“: Lawmakers’ reluctance to simply eliminate a subsidy without adding another in its place demonstrates how difficult it is for Washington to trim the […]

Romney defends US ag subsidies

Mitt Romney in a GOP debate, via Hit & Run: We’re competing with European and Brazilian and other farmers, and we’re competing in a marketplace where they are heavily subsidized, at great disadvantage for our farmers. And so, if we’re going to change our support structure, we want to make sure that they change their […]