The Diversion Begins…

Welcome to my new blogging home.

I took a month-long mid-summer break from the blogosphere. Although I missed the opportunity to blog about topics such as CAFTA’s congressional battles, the Live8 concert, and the abolition of US cotton subsidies, I think the hiatus was beneficial. Taking a break promoted thinking about the topics that I cover from a perspective uninfluenced by a temptation to blog about them. Now I’m back and ready to offer fresh commentary.

Why the new location? I’m still the same author and the content will be similar in focus. The new blog merely better reflects what I do; the old blog title implied that I’d be discussing sweatshops and labor conditions in developing countries, but, as I blogged, my interest shifted away from debunking anti-globalization arguments. This new blog title reflects my interest in agricultural subsidies, preferential market access and other issues that are not nearly as black-and-white as whether the low wage jobs MNCs provide in poor countries are preferable to imposing US-level labor standards.

Plus, everyone loves a bad pun. Thanks for reading.

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