Should I blog while in grad school?

I was at an exciting seminar for the last five days without internet access, but I should have a few interesting items to post about in the near future.

I’m starting an M.Phil. in Economics in the fall. At this point, I plan to continue blogging while in grad school, because I think that it’s complementary to research activities. Studying might reduce my (already light) bogging activity, but I see no reason to give up Trade Diversion entirely. Is anyone aware of grad students that have opined about the value of blogging in comparison to the opportunity costs?

3 thoughts on “Should I blog while in grad school?

  1. P.

    You should keep doing it. More than anything it will make you keep ready and if nothing more serve as a good place for you to keep your ideas and links.

  2. econgeek

    I am facing the same questio; at this point I think ill keep going and if nothing else post my class notes in it 🙂

    btw, which university are you doing your MPhill ?

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