500 Economists vs a Heritage guy

Don Feder spews forth ignorant bile:

The Times claims “500 economists have signed an open letter to Mr. Bush arguing that immigration is a net plus for the nation’s economy.” Doubtless, the same 500 economists believe that tax hikes are a net plus for the economy, increases in the minimum wage are a net plus for the economy and signing the Kyoto Treaty on so-called global warming would be a big boost for the nation’s economy.

Robert Rector, a Heritage Foundation analyst who – unlike the Times standard-issue 500 economists – is invariably right about the impact of legislation on the economy, tells us the following…

It was cruel of Feder to pit Mr. Rector, who holds a M.A. in political science, against five Nobel laureates and two former chairmen of the CEA, but it was outright laughable to imply that these 500 PhDs are a bunch of leftists. I’m sure Deepak Lal and Pete Boettke would be a bit surprised to be labeled as such.

[Hat tip: the letter’s author, Alex Tabarrok]