The impact of export promotion agencies

I’m not familiar with export promotion agencices, but a recent World Bank note (pdf) says they have an impact:

For each $1 of export promotion, we estimate a $300 increase in exports for the median EPA. However, there is heterogeneity across regions, levels of development and types of instruments. Furthermore, there are strong diminishing returns, suggesting that as far as EPAs are concerned small is

2 thoughts on “The impact of export promotion agencies

  1. Enrique

    EPAs can work wonders if they are well managed, specially in developing countries. International aid should be focusing in these particular agencies, since they are capable of triggering exports in Small and Medium Size Enterprises.

  2. PSD Blog - World Bank Group

    Export promotion agencies do increase exports

    Many thanks to Pablo for pointing me to an excellent note (PDF) from the World Bank on export promotion agencies (EPAs). It’s the first cross-country statistical analysis of the impact of these agencies on exports, and it covers 119 countries. The main…

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