The EPL’s gains from trade

To follow up on the previous discussion of football protectionism, the Economist has a piece on the infusion of foreign cash into the English Premiership. It concludes:

The truth is that the Premiership is thriving because it is open to global markets. Since its formation in 1992 it has proved a magnet for foreign talent and capital. Around half the registered players now hail from overseas. Foreign players may crowd out English talent at the top of the game and some are accused of lacking commitment to the clubs the temporarily serve. But no one disputes the improved level of skill and professionalism now displayed on English pitches. Foreign managers have also brought new expertise to the game (no English-born manager has yet led a side to the Premiership title). No wonder the high-intensity action of the Premiership draws millions of fans from all over the world each week. The soul of English football, whatever Mr Wenger says, seems to be full of life.