Weekend reading

My exams are next week, but after that I promise a return to actual blogging — more than mere links and excerpts!

In the meantime, you might enjoy:

Dan Drezner & others discussing global governance at Cato Unbound.

A Business Week story on measuring productivity gains in the presence of offshoring: “But new evidence suggests that shifting production overseas has inflicted worse damage on the U.S. economy than the numbers show. BusinessWeek has learned of a gaping flaw in the way statistics treat offshoring, with serious economic and political implications. Top government statisticians now acknowledge that the problem exists, and say it could prove to be significant.” [HT: Thoma]

VoxEU, a new portal from the CEPR featuring numerous top economists, including recent columns by Paul Collier & Tony Venables, Andrew K. Rose, Simon Evenett, and others.