Did the US exceed its ag subsidy cap?

The WTO’s DSM is going to heat up a bit:

Brazil lodged its broadest attack against U.S. farm spending with a complaint at the World Trade Organization that may signal the start of a raft of litigation as hopes for an international accord dissolve…

The U.S. stayed below the $19.1 billion a year spending ceiling until 2001. Since then, the U.S. hasn’t provided spending figures to the WTO, Brazil says.

“Available public information indicates that the domestic support that the U.S. provided exceeded its commitment levels,” Brazil’s WTO ambassador, Clodoaldo Hugueney, wrote to his U.S. counterpart, Peter Allgeier.

I’ve seen scholarly work on this subject indicating that US payments have been below the allowed cap, so I do not know if Brazil has a strong case here.

Update: AP reports that the “United States spent only $11 billion on trade-distorting subsidies last year.”