In defense of anti-dumping

Ever the contrarian, Dani Rodrik mounts a defense of anti-dumping rules (pdf):

There are also some provisions of the GATT/WTO regime that are highly open to protectionist abuse, but these have had only limited impact on trade. The anti-dumping (AD) provisions of trade law are particularly notable in this respect, as they provide easy access to protection in circumstances where the economic case for protection is weak or non-existent. While countries do make use of AD, it is hard to argue that the world economy has greatly suffered as a result. In retrospect, what is striking is not that AD is used, but that it is used so infrequently in light of the flexibility of the rules, and that it has caused so little damage. Indeed, we could argue that AD has made the trade regime more resilient by providing a safety valve for protectionist pressures. These pressures might have had more damaging consequences otherwise, if they had to make their way outside international rules rather than within them.