The Secret Trade Deal of 2007

From Trade Observatory comes a wacky piece by David Sirota:

As Congress reconvenes this week, K Street and a handful of Democratic congressional leaders are gearing up to pass lobbyist-written trade pacts with Peru, Panama, South Korea and Columbia – the group of pacts known as The Secret Trade Deal of 2007, originally announced on May 10, 2007.

First, if they’re known as “The Secret Trade Deal” and publicly announced, then they’re not much of a secret, huh? Second, since when was a column summarizing AP, Inside US Trade, and Reuters stories revealing any secrets? Third, are they really “known” as The Secret Trade Deal of 2007 if the inventor of the phrase is the only person who uses it?

If David Sirota is “a progressive powerhouse,” then progressives ought to worry about their ability to debate trade issues. Trade Observatory should start syndicating Dean Baker instead.