US & EU plan bilateral trade talks


Diplomats from the US and European Union are laying the groundwork for an unprecedented round of bilateral bargaining in which all of the main transatlantic trade disputes would be put on the table and negotiated in one go.

The talks between the world’s two largest trading blocs would link the resolution of billions of dollars-worth of simmering trade disputes and aim to “clear the decks” with one all-encompassing deal, officials said…

Officials concede the drive for a single round of bilateral trade negotiations is ambitious, fraught with drawbacks and could quickly falter.

UPDATE: Oddly, the WSJ announced the demise of such an ambitious agenda the day before this FT story: “U.S. and European officials who meet for talks today on how to cut barriers to trans-Atlantic trade say they have given up dreaming of a sweeping deal that would unlock billions of dollars in new trade.”