AEA papers available

Many of conference papers from last week’s AEA meetings are now available. I haven’t looked at them yet, but over the coming week I’ll be checking out the sessions on The Economic Geography of Trade and Production (chaired by Stephen Redding), Firm Heterogeneity and International Trade (chaired by Kala Krishna), Reform: For Better or for Worse? (chaired by Gene Grossman), Offshoring and the Labor Market (chaired by Pol Antras), Trade and Political Economy (chaired by Giovanni Maggi), Innovation, Productivity, and Firm Behavior (chaired by Ralf Martin), and Anne Krueger’s piece on trade and development (pdf).

1 thought on “AEA papers available

  1. Jim

    Wow, that’s quite the treasure-trove. Skimmed the Krueger paper and didn’t find it that impressive – unless I’m missing something she appears to claim that South Korea’s trade and industrial policies were fairly in line with the suggestions of free-market economists, which is fanciful.

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