The World Economy on sequencing regionalism

The latest issue of The World Economy looks at economic integration agreements (EIAs), which include PTAs, RTAs, FTAs, CUs, etc:

In light of the continuing proliferation of EIAs worldwide, it would seem that policy makers, businesses and consumers would all benefit from a better map guiding the sequencing of EIAs, a map that better addresses the choice of EIA partners, the breadth of agreements, the depth of integration, etc. With few exceptions, there is a virtual dearth of analyses of the sequencing of economic integration agreements. The 50-year anniversary of the most successful EIA in world history provides an opportune moment to consider lessons to be learned as other continents – the Americas, Asia and Africa – move forward with their own economic integration agendas.

This special issue of The World Economy includes seven papers that were presented at a symposium, ‘The Sequencing of Regional Economic Integration: Issues in the Depth and Breadth of Economic Integration in the Americas’, which was held at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame on 9–10 September 2005…

I have not yet had time to read any of the papers yet, but they’re likely worth a peek. I’ve highlighted Simon J. Evenett and Michael Meier’s article on the US strategy of competitive liberalisation in the past.