Where's the beef?


President Lee Myung-bak confronted the biggest challenge to his young and increasingly unpopular administration Tuesday as tens of thousands of demonstrators filled central Seoul to protest his agreement to resume suspended imports of American beef and to denounce a broad range of other government policies.

The country’s entire cabinet offered to resign as a way to help Mr. Lee find a way out of the crisis. It was unclear if he would accept the resignations.

Mr. Lee’s 107-day-old government has been increasingly beset by fears that his agreement to reopen markets to American beef could expose the public to mad cow disease.

For the past 40 days, central Seoul has been rocked by demonstrations , which began as rallies by hundreds of teenage students, singing, dancing and holding candles to protest the importing of American beef. They have now evolved into a protest against government policies on education, health care and consumer prices.

3 thoughts on “Where's the beef?

  1. penny

    Looks like they have already injested some “mad cow meat!”
    Where, exactly, do they think they are going to get beef guaranteed not to have “mad cow;” maybe Canada LMAO

    The US should not be feeding us beef over 30 months either; if thattruly makes a difference.
    As a cattle rancher’s daughter, let me tell you what to do. If you feel you must have beef; have it in moderation. “Mad cow” is found in brain tissue, spinal cords, etc., not in muscle tissue. “Ground beef” and “hamburger” has spinal cords and arteries, and other unmentionable things, “ground” up in it. Do not buy unidentifiable beef parts. Buy steaks and roasts, etc. Also, do not let the store grind up your meat. Buy a 30 dollar meat grinder and grind your own, ground round, or ground “chuck,”(shoulder), or ground sirloin. Because they may have ground “hamburger” at the plant in the same grinder as they ground the ground round, etc.; they can cross contaminate your meat, if you buy it pre-ground.
    That…is how you avoid “mad cow.”
    Oh, and do NOT eat at fast food restaurants, where theyhave the lowest quality, “ground beef” parts you can obtain. You can not buy meat that low in standard and quality at the market; they buy it directly from the plants, and it has diseased and half dead, old, dairy cattle in it. Another place that has even lower quality, ground up, diseased cattle, is the U. S. school lunch programs. Make your kids take a lunch, or at least tell them not to eat anything with ground “beef” in it.

  2. Whitey

    I can hear the guffaws on this one from all those Alberta ranchers who had their businesses destroyed when the US banned beef shipments from Canada a few years ago because of mad cow disease. And Max Baucus was one of the leading lights behind that one too.

    What goes around comes around. This is poetic justice. Power to the people (of South Korea). And I understand the free trade deal — the quid quo pro for letting US beef back in — still hasn’t made it through Congress. I wonder if it ever will.

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