That oddly strong dollar


Ken Rogoff says that the dollar should be diving during this financial turmoil.

But can this extraordinary vote of confidence in the dollar last? Perhaps, but as investors step back and look at the deep wounds of America’s flagship financial sector, the public and private sector’s massive borrowing needs, and the looming uncertainty of the November presidential elections, it is hard to believe that the dollar will continue to stand its ground as the crisis continues to deepen and unfold.

Seriously, how did we go from $2/£1 at the end of July to $1.75/£1 last week?


One Response to “That oddly strong dollar”

  1. Emmanuel Says:

    Jonathan, I call it “special FX.” However, the euro gained around two big figs yesterday (2 cents) as gold shot up.

    Also, I made a post before Rogoff’s op-ed that has roughly similar details. It’s good to know I’m not pulling figures out of the ether…

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