International economics in popular culture: West Wing oddities


Watching an old West Wing episode, I encountered this odd line from Jed Bartlet (played by Martin Sheen), the Nobel laureate and President in Aaron Sorkin’s popular series:

When I was 26, I wrote a paper supporting the deregulation of Far East trade barriers. Nearly got thrown out of the London School of Economics. I was young and stupid, and trying to make some noise.

Does “deregulation of trade barriers” mean liberalisation? When would that have been so unpopular? And has anyone ever been “thrown out” of a department for research activities?

What are the best and worst appearances by international economics in popular entertainment?


2 Responses to “International economics in popular culture: West Wing oddities”

  1. Emmanuel Says:

    LOL–change the institution in question to SOAS and it would’ve been more realistic.

  2. Alan B Says:

    Somewhere in one of the truly ghastly episodes 1-3 of the Star Wars series, some sinister outfit called the Trade Federation starts a major interplanetary war over a tariff passed in the galactic Senate, or some such nonsense.

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