Last-minute advice for the G20 summit?

I’m seeing a flurry of last-minute publications telling the G20 leaders what they should do on Thursday. Isn’t publishing a new report just five days before the summit a little late to shape the agenda? Presumably bureaucrats do a lot of background work,  and the real achievements are made during the preparation for the summit rather than the single day itself.

2 thoughts on “Last-minute advice for the G20 summit?

  1. Leigh Caldwell

    Undoubtedly true. But of course the primary reason for people to publish these papers at this time is not to advise the G20 leaders but to get a mainstream media platform for their views.

    However, it’s not perhaps as cynical as I paint it – some people at least are reiterating views that they have already published, but taking the opportunity to raise the profile of the ideas in the hope that they’ll get some additional attention. And if they succeed, even if they have missed the deadline for the G20, there’s a better chance they’ll be heard later.

  2. maybe

    Well, there’s trying to influence government officials, and then trying to influence the media narrative and get quoted. Take a guess at what this is trying to do.

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