Chris Rock’s trade statistics

Chris Rock says that “human hair is India’s biggest export.” That seems unlikely to be true, glancing at the US data. The US imported $1.3 million worth of human hair (HTS code 050100) from India last year, while importing $126 million worth of shrimps and prawns (HTS 030613) and $100 million worth of milled rice (HTS 100630) [USITC Dataweb]. And the World Factbook profile of India doesn’t list hair as a top export. But Indian firms do dominate the Google search results for human hair exporters. Apparently the supply comes from Indian women who shave their heads in religious ceremonies and donate their hair to the priests without compensation.

1 thought on “Chris Rock’s trade statistics

  1. Corinne

    I think he meant to say “India is the world’s biggest exporter of hair.” Is that true? I thought India’s biggest export was tech support and slides for McKinsey.

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