African export diversification


World Bank:

The average index of export diversification in SSA is 2.2 (the index measures the extent to which  exports are diversified; 0 low to 100 high).

2.2 out of 100 sounds really low, but I’m having difficulty finding data indicating the average index value for other regions.


2 Responses to “African export diversification”

  1. Antonio Gómez Gómez-Plana Says:

    See UNCTAD’s Handbook of Statistics (the link to data “International merchandise trade indicators “).

  2. Ben Shepherd Says:

    It’s an ad hoc measure in any case. Broda Greenfield & Weinstein have a more rigorous approach: They only cover a few African countries, which are clearly less diversified than the rest, but not to the extent that this 2.2 / 100 would seem to suggest.

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