Davis on Combes, Mayer, and Thisse (2008)

In the JIE, Don Davis reviews Economic Geography: The Integration of Regions and Nations by Pierre-Philippe Combes, Thierry Mayer, and Jacques-Francois Thisse.

3 thoughts on “Davis on Combes, Mayer, and Thisse (2008)

  1. Dan in Euroland

    Thanks for the pointer to the review. I have been interested in learning about this subject and considered buying the book. But I have a question. Exactly what is the difference between economic geography and geographical economics? I got the impression that there was some form of methodological divided between the two.

  2. Jonathan

    The vein of work described in Fujita, Krugman, Venables (1999), Baldwin et al (2003), and Combs, Mayer, Thisse (2008) is called “new economic geography”.

    I haven’t seen the term “geographical economics” very often, though the title of the Brakman et al book (“An Introduction to Geographical Economics”) shows that some people use that phrase to refer to the same body of work.

    The early chapters of Fujita, Krugman, and Venables discuss how new economic geography is distinct from previous work in economic geography and urban economics.

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