Who's interested in Smoot-Hawley?

The US regions where people are most likely to google “Smoot-Hawley” are Washington DC and Michigan. [Google normalizes the data for total web traffic, so these are akin to “searches per internet user” measures for the regions.]

We’ll see if DC and Detroit buy the book most intensely too.

1 thought on “Who's interested in Smoot-Hawley?

  1. DRDR

    And most regional interest in “Dingel” is now in Michigan too. 😉

    I thought this result might be explained by more interest in the stimulus package, but no, Michigan consistently comes out ahead on interest in a lot trade issues. Michigan is also most interested in GATT, NAFTA, etc. Legacy of 1999, Washington state is still the most interested in the WTO.

    North Dakota and South Dakota are at the top of the list for “subsidies” but at the bottom for “tariffs.”

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