Non-discriminatory treatment in domestic commerce

A recent court ruling that led to the repeal of an import prohibition on agricultural products may not be covered at the IELP Blog, because it’s a purely domestic matter:

The city of Lake Elmo [in Minnesota] imposed the protectionist law in 2008, requiring that all agricultural produce sold on Lake Elmo’s farms must actually be grown in Lake Elmo. This would have significantly damaged the Bergmanns, and others like them, who grow produce elsewhere and sell it from their Lake Elmo farm. Judge Noel’s opinion recommended that a preliminary injunction be issued preventing the law from being enforced while the Institute for Justice lawsuit is litigated. The City Council’s change in the law now makes a preliminary injunction unnecessary.

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  1. Simon Lester

    Actually, I try to cover issues like this, and thought about a post on this particular case, but just couldn’t think of a hook for it.

    By the way, no matter hard I try, I can’t get Google Reader to monitor your blog. Not sure if there’s anything you can do, but just thought I’d mention it.


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