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There are many candidates this year with job-market papers on international trade. I’ve collected some here, focusing on trade and excluding international finance and open-economy macro. Please add more in the comments. (UPDATE: Thanks to those who have provided links and info!)

Anson Soderbery (UC Davis): “The Competitive Effects of Heterogeneous Firms Facing Capacity Constraints Under International Trade”

Arnab Nayak (Purdue): “Does Variety Fit the Quality Bill? Factor Endowments Driven Differences in Trade, Export Margins, Prices and Production Techniques”

Ben Li (Colorado): “Cross-Border Production, Technology Transfer, and the Choice of Partner”

Dan Lu (Chicago): “Exceptional Exporter Performance? Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms”

Danielken Molina (UC San Diego): “Exporting and Access to Finance: The Colombian Case”

Eduardo Morales (Harvard): “Gravity and Extended Gravity: Estimating a Structural Model of Export Entry”

Ferdinando Monte (Chicago): “Skill Bias, Trade and Wage Dispersion”

Fernando Parro (Chicago): “Capital-Skill Complementarity and the Skill Premium in a Quantitative Model of Trade”

Greg Wright (UC Davis): “Revisiting the Employment Impact of Offshoring”

JaeBin Ahn (Columbia): “A Theory of Domestic and International Trade Finance”

Kamran Bilir (Stanford): “Patent Laws, Product Lifecycle Lengths, and the Global Sourcing Decisions of U.S. Multinationals”

Kyle Handley (Maryland): “Exporting Under Trade Policy Uncertainty: Theory and Evidence”

Logan Lewis (Michigan): “Exports versus Multinational Production under Nominal Uncertainty”

Matthias Lux (NYU): “Defying Gravity: The Substitutability of Transportation in International Trade”

Maya Cohen-Median (Stanford): “Exchange Rate Fluctuations, Consumer Demand, and Advertising: The Case of Internet Search”

Monika Mrázová (LSE): “Trade Agreements when Profits Matter”

Morten Graugaard Olsen (Harvard): “Banks in International Trade: Incomplete International Contract Enforcement and Reputational Concerns”

Oana Hirakawa (UC San Diego): “The Home Market Effect and the International Arms Trade”

Pablo Fajgelbaum (Princeton): “Labor Market Frictions, Firm Growth and International Trade”

Pierre-Louis Vézina (Graduate Institute, Geneva): “Race-to-the-bottom tariff cutting”

Pu Chen (Minnesota): “Trade Volatility and Intermediate Goods”

Rafael Dix-Carneiro (Princeton): “Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Dynamics”

Rodrigo Wagner (Harvard): “New Exports from Emerging Markets: Do Followers benefit from Pioneers?”

Seema Sangita (UC Davis): “The Effect of Diasporic Business Networks on International Trade and Investment Flows”

Shushanik Hakobyan (Virginia): “Accounting for Underutilization of Trade Preference Programs: U.S. Generalized System of Preferences”

Thomas Sampson (Harvard): “Assignment Reversals”

Zhanar Akhmetova (Princeton) “Firm Experimentation in New Markets”

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