NBER ITI, Fall 2010

The NBER’s fall trade meetings are this weekend in San Francisco. The agenda and three-quarters of the papers are online.

Financing trade
Antras & Foley: “Poultry in Motion: A Study of International Trade Finance Practices”
Chor & Manova: “Off the Cliff and Back? Credit Conditions and International Trade during the Global Financial Crisis”
Feenstra, Li & Yu: “Exports and Credit Constraints under Incomplete Information: Theory and Evidence from China”
Re-examining trade theory
Handbury & Weinstein: “Is New Economic Geography Right? Evidence from Price Data”
Markusen: “Putting Per-Capita Income Back into Trade Theory”
Firm and sector heterogeneity
Cosar, Guner & Tybout: “Firm Dynamics, Job Turnover and Wage Distributions in an Open Economy”
Simonovska & Waugh: “The Elasticity of Trade: Estimates and Evidence”
Harrigan & Schlychkov: “Export Prices of US Firms”