The trade blogosphere in 2011

I launched Trade Diversion in July 2005, six years and 1400 blog posts ago. The trade blogosphere has evolved quite a bit since then. Some authors have gone quiet; some domain registrations have lapsed. Some big names started blogging; some trade folks shifted focus to other topics. Some graduated from commenting on others’ posts to regularly producing their own; some are still going strong after all these years. My blogging has admittedly slowed as my research projects have proliferated.

On the whole, it seems that there’s been more exit than entry in the trade blogosphere over the last six years. Yes, Twitter emerged as a way to get trade policy news directly from trade reporters, but my reading list is shorter than it used to be. Have I missed new entrants? Whose blog should I be reading that isn’t already on my blogroll in the right sidebar? Please submit your recommendations in the comments section!

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