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Trade JMPs (2012-2013)

Who’s on the job market this year with a paper on international trade? As usual, I focus on trade papers, thereby neglecting international finance and open-economy macro papers and trade economists working in other fields. I’m a bit late this year, so please help me by identifying more candidates in the comments section. [Update: Thanks to Rm and Bernardo for their comments.]

  • Assaf Zimring (Stanford) – Gains from Trade: Lessons from The 2007-2010 Gaza Blockade
  • Qi Zhang (LSE) – Income Distribution and the Price Level: The Balassa-Samuelson Relationship Re-considered
  • Hongsong Zhang (PSU) –  Static and Dynamic Gains from Importing Intermediate Inputs: Theory and Evidence
  • Christopher Tonetti (NYU) – Equilibrium Technology Diffusion, Trade, and Growth
  • Felix Tintelnot (PSU) – Global Production with Export Platforms
  • Tomasz Swiecki (Princeton) – Intersectoral Distortions, Structural Change and the Welfare Gains from Trade
  • Joseph Shapiro (MIT) – Trade, CO₂, and the Environment
  • Fernando Perez Cervantes (Chicago) – Railroads and Economic Growth: A Trade Policy Approach
  • Dan Murphy (Michigan) – Why are Goods and Services more Expensive in Rich Countries? Demand Complementarities and Cross-Country Price Differences
  • Julien Martin (Louvain) – The Few Leading the Many: Foreign Affiliates and Business Cycle Comovement
  • Yanping Liu (PSU) – Capital Adjustment Costs: Implications for Domestic and Export Sales Dynamics
  • Fernando Leibovici (NYU) – Financial Development and International Trade
  • Attakrit Leckcivilize (LSE) – The Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from the Japanese Tsunami
  • Sarah Kroeger (BU) – The Contribution of Offshoring to the Convexification of the U.S. Wage Distribution
  • James Key (PSU) – Priors and Posteriors: Implications for Exporters
  • Leo Karasik (U Toronto) – The Role of Regional Portfolios in the Affiliate Location Decision of Multinational Firms
  • Fadi Hassan (LSE) – The Price of Development
  • John Feddersen (Oxford) – Pollution Havens: Does Third Country Environmental Policy Matter?
  • Benjamin Faber (LSE) – Trade Liberalization, the Price of Quality, and Inequality: Evidence from Mexican Store Prices
  • Javier Cravino (UCLA) – Exchange Rates, Aggregate Productivity and the Currency of Invoicing of International Trade
  • Bo-Young Choi (UC Davis) – The Differential Effect of Trade Liberalization When Buyer Power is Present
  • Samuel Bazzi (UCSD) – Wealth Heterogeneity, Income Shocks, and International Migration: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia
  • Jose Asturias (Minnesota) – Endogenous Transportation Costs