Trade JMPs (2016-2017)


Another November, another job market. Who’s on the market in trade this year? As I have for the last six years, I focus on trade, neglecting international finance and open-economy macro. The distribution is a bit uneven this year — some schools have zero candidates, while UC Davis has six. If I’ve missed someone, please contribute to the list in the comments.


5 Responses to “Trade JMPs (2016-2017)”

  1. charles Says:

    Carolina Pan (Brandeis): From Ideas to Trade

  2. Lee Says:

    Meredith Startz (Yale)

  3. Oren Says:

    Woan Fong Wong from UW Madison is also on the market.

  4. Inga Heiland Says:

    I’m from the University of Munich and I’m also on the market!

    My JMP: Global Risk Sharing Through Trade in Goods and Assets: Theory and Evidence.

  5. Syed Al-Helal Uddin Says:

    This is Syed Uddin from Florida International University. I am on the job market. My JMP titled “Valued-added Trade, Exchange Rate Pass-Through, and Trade Elasticity:Revisiting the Trade Competitiveness”

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