Trade JMPs (2017-2018)

It’s that time of year again. As I’ve done since 2010, I’ve gathered a list of trade-related job-market papers. New this year is a small collection of spatial economics papers that aren’t about trade per se. If I’ve missed someone, please contribute to the list in the comments.

Spatial Economics


14 thoughts on “Trade JMPs (2017-2018)

  1. Jorge Perez Perez

    Here are three spatial economics job market papers from the Urban Economics Association meetings:

    Juan Pablo Chauvin: (Harvard) – Gender-Segmented Labor Markets and the Effects of Local Demand Shocks –

    Jorge Pérez Pérez (Brown) – City Minimum Wages –

    Lindsay Renihan (UPenn) – Is Online Retail Killing Coffee Shops? Estimating the Winners and Losers of Online Retail using Customer Transaction Microdata

  2. Mary Lovely

    Yang Liang (Syracuse). Job creation and job diversion: The effect of trade shocks on US manufacturing employment.

  3. Marco Robles

    Parisa Kamali (Minnesota) “Indirect Exporter Dynamics and the Impacts on Trade Lineralization.” -

    1. jdingel Post author

      I just check a lot of schools’ websites and look for trade candidates. This is imperfect, so I appreciate everyone contributing to the list in the comments.

  4. Johannes

    There are also three JM candidates from the University of Mannheim:
    Francesco Paolo Conteduca: The Structure of Multinational Sales under Demand Risk (
    Ekaterina Kazakova: Serving Abroad: Export, M&A, and Greenfield Investment (
    Alexander Rohlf: Did Globalization help Germany become cleaner? – The effect of increasing Import/Export Exposure on local air pollution at the German county level (

  5. Peter Eppinger

    Two candidates from the University of Tübingen:
    Peter Eppinger ( – “Optimal Ownership and Firm Performance: Theory and Evidence from China’s FDI Liberalization” and
    Bohdan Kukharskyy ( – “A Tale of Two Property Rights: Knowledge, Physical Assets, and Multinational Firm Boundaries”

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