Trade JMPs (2019-2020)

It’s November again. Time flies, and there’s a new cohort of job-market candidates. Time really flies: I started this series a decade ago! Many members of that November 2010 cohort now have tenure or will soon.

As usual, I’ve gathered a list of trade-related job-market papers. There is no clear market leader: the most candidates from one school by my count is three (Berkeley, Maryland, UCLA). If I’ve missed someone, please contribute to the list in the comments.

A separate post lists candidates in spatial economics, broadly defined.

Of the 31 candidates I’ve initially listed, 14 registered a custom domain, 9 used Google Sites, 2 used GitHub, and only 6 use school-provided webspace.

Here’s a cloud of the words that appear in these papers’ titles:

10 thoughts on “Trade JMPs (2019-2020)

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  2. andrew

    Hoang Pham(Syracuse) “International Trade and the Labor Market Power of Firms: Theory and Evidence”
    Heesuk Jung(Houston) “The Effects of Trade Costs and Capital Controls on Trade Imbalances “

  3. Andrew

    Patralekha Ukil (Connecticut)
    “Economic Shocks and Infant Health: The Intergenerational Effects of Import Competition in the U.S.”

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