Spatial economics JMPs (2020-2021)

Here’s a list of job-market candidates whose job-market papers fall within spatial economics, as defined by me quickly skimming webpages. I’m sure I missed folks, so please add them in the comments.

Of the 27 candidates I’ve initially listed, 12 registered a custom domain, 8 used Google Sites, 3 used GitHub, 3 used school-provided webspace, and 2 used Weebly.

Here’s a cloud of the words that appear in these papers’ titles:

Aaron Weisbrod (Brown) – Housing Booms and Urban Frictions: The Impact of the 1917 Halifax Explosion on Local Property Values
Aleksandar Petreski (Jönköping University, Sweden)
Spatial-temporal asymmetry, shock and memory: housing transaction prices in Sweden
Andrew Simon (Michigan) – Public Good Spillovers and Fiscal Centralization: Evidence from Community College Expansions
Avichal Mahajan (Geneva) – Highways and segregation
Björn Brey (Nottingham) – The long-run gains from the early adoption of electricity
Brendan Shanks (LMU Munich) – Land Use Regulations and Housing Development: Evidence from Tax Parcels and Zoning Bylaws in Massachusetts
Christoph Albert (CEMFI) – Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: the Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin
Desen Lin (Penn) – Housing Search and Rental Market Intermediation
Eduardo Fraga (Yale) – Drivers of Concentration: The Roles of Trade Access, Structural Transformation, and Local Fundamentals
Eunjee Kwon (USC) – Why Do Improvements in Transportation Infrastructure Reduce the Gender Gap in South Korea?
Ewane Theophile (UQAM) – Trade costs, prices and connectivity in Rwanda
Ezequiel Garcia-Lembergman (Berkeley) – Multi-establishment Firms, Pricing and the Propagation of Local Shocks: Evidence from US Retail
Franklin Qian (Stanford) – The Effects of High-skilled Firm Entry on Incumbent Residents
Gregor Schubert (HBS) – House Price Contagion and U.S. City Migration Networks
Ian Herzog (Toronto) – The City-Wide Effects of Tolling Downtown Drivers: Evidence from London’s Congestion Charge
Jacob Krimmel (Wharton) – Reclaiming Local Control: School Finance Reforms and Housing Supply Restrictions
Jan David Bakker (UCL) – Trade and Agglomeration: Theory and Evidence from France
Joanna Venator (Wisconsin) – Dual Earner Migration, Earnings, and Unemployment Insurance
John Pedersen (Binghamton) – Voting for Transit: The Labor Impact of Public Transportation Improvements
Jonathan Moreno-Medina (Duke) – Local Crime News Bias and Housing Markets
Kate Pennington (Berkeley ARE) – Does Building New Housing Cause Displacement?: The Supply and Demand Effects of Construction in San Francisco
Magdalena Domínguez (Barcelona) – Sweeping Up Gangs: The Effects of Tough-on-crime Policies from a Network Approach
Marcos Ribeiro Frazao (Yale) – Brand Contagion: The Popularity of New Products in the United States
Margaret Bock (WVU) – Unintended Consequences of the Appalachian Development Highway System on Mortality
Mariya Shappo (Illinois) – The Long-Term Impact of Oil and Gas Extraction: Evidence from the Housing Market
Matthew Gross (Michigan) – The Long-Term Impacts of Rent Control on Renters
Meng Li (Queen’s) – Within-city Income Inequality, Residential Sorting, and House Prices
Miguel Zerecero (TSE) – The Birthplace Premium
Pablo E. Warnes (Columbia) – Transport Infrastructure Improvements, Intra-City Migration, and Spatial Sorting: Evidence from a BRT system in Buenos Aires
Pedro Tanure Veloso (Minnesota) – Housing Supply Constraints and the Distribution of Economic Activity: The Case of the Twin Cities
Piyush Panigrahi (Berkeley) – Endogenous Spatial Production Networks: Quantitative Implications for Trade and Productivity
Prottoy Aman Akbar (Pittsburgh) – Who Benefits from Faster Public Transit?
Rizki Nauli Siregar (UC Davis) – Global Prices, Trade Protection, and Internal Migration: Evidence from Indonesia
Sarah Thomaz (UC Irvine) – Investigating ADUS: Determinants of Location and Their Effects on Property Values
Sebastian Ellingsen (Pompeu Fabra) – Free and Protected: Trade and Breaks in Long-Term Persistence
Sebastian Ottinger (UCLA Anderson) – Immigrants, Industries and Path Dependence
Shiyu Cheng (Kentucky) – High-Speed Rail Network and Brain Drain: Evidence from College Admission Scores in China
Sydney Schreiner (Ohio State) – Does Gentrification Stop at the Schoolhouse Door? Evidence from New York City
Tianyun Zhu (Syracuse) – Estimating the Implicit Price Elasticity of the Demand for Neighborhood Amenities: A Hedonic Approach
Tillman Hönig (LSE) – The Legacy of Conflict: Aggregate Evidence from Sierra Leone
Timur Abbiasov (Columbia) – Do Urban Parks Promote Racial Diversity in Social Interactions? Evidence from New York City
Xiao Betty Wang (Wharton) – Housing Market Segmentation
Yiming He (Stanford) – The Economic Impacts of Slum Demolition on the Displaced: Evidence from Victorian England
Zibin Huang (Rochester) – Peer Effects, Parental Migration and Children’s Human Capital: A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis in China

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