Trade JMPs (2020-2021)

For the 11th year running, I’ve gathered a list of trade-related job-market papers. It’s in reverse-alphabetical order by first name. If I’ve missed someone, please contribute to the list in the comments.

Of the 38 candidates I’ve initially listed, 15 registered a custom domain, 13 used Google Sites, 4 used GitHub, 3 used Weebly and only 3 use school-provided webspace.

Here’s a cloud of the words that appear in these papers’ titles:

Ziho Park (Chicago) – Trade Adjustment: Establishment-Level Evidence
Zachary Kiefer (Oregon) – Extracting the Costs of International Internet Communication
Yuta Watabe (Penn State) – Triangulating Multinationals and Trade
Yusuke Kuroishi (LSE) – Value of Trademarks: Micro Evidence from Chinese Exports to Africa
Yoonseon Han (Kentucky) – Determinants of Export Earnings Volatility
Yang Zhou (Minnesota) – The US-China Trade War and Global Value Chains
Xiaochen Xie (Penn State) – Export Dynamics: Evidence from the Global Mobile Phone Industry
Xiao Ma (UC San Diego) – College Expansion, Trade, and Innovation: Evidence from China
Vu Thanh Chau (Harvard) – International Portfolio Investments with Trade Networks
Trang Hoang (Vanderbilt) – The Dynamics of Global Sourcing
Tomas Dominguez-Iino (NYU) – Efficiency and Redistribution in Environmental Policy: An Equilibrium Analysis of Agricultural Supply Chains
Todd Messer (Berkeley) – Foreign Currency as a Barrier to International Trade: Evidence from Brazil
Tanmay Belavadi (Penn State) – Informality, Inequality and Trade
Swapnika Rachapalli (Toronto) – Learning Between Buyers and Sellers Along the Global Value Chain
Sen Ma (Illinois) – Can Foreign Direct Investment Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms? Identifying FDI Spillovers from Borders of Chinese Dialect Zones
Sebastian Ellingsen (Pompeu Fabra) – Free and Protected: Trade and Breaks in Long-Term Persistence
Samuel Bailey (Minnesota) – Competition and Coordination in Infrastructure: Port Authorities’ Response to the Panama Canal Expansion
Roza Khoban (Stockholm University) – The Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Presence of Political Distortions
Ross Jestrab (Syracuse) – Do Multilateral and Bilateral Trade Agreements Share the Same Motive? An Empirical Investigation
Rizki Nauli Siregar (UC Davis) – Global Prices, Trade Protection, and Internal Migration: Evidence from Indonesia
Priyam Verma (Houston) – Optimal Infrastructure after Trade Reform in India
Piyush Panigrahi (Berkeley) – Endogenous Spatial Production Networks: Quantitative Implications for Trade and Productivity
Paul Ko (Penn State) – Dissecting Trade and Business Cycle Co-movement
Monika Khan (Kentucky) – Finance and Trade: The Role of Stock Markets and Importers
Marius Faber (Basel) – Robots and Reshoring: Evidence from Mexican Labor Markets
Marijn Bolhuis (Toronto) – Financial Linkages and the Global Business Cycle
Lucas Zavala (Yale) – Unfair Trade: Market Power in Agricultural Value Chains
Kendrick Morales (UC Irvine) – Religious hostilities: A consequence of international trade?
Jan David Bakker (UCL) – Trade and Agglomeration: Theory and Evidence from France
Haruka Takayama (Virginia) – Greenfield or Brownfield? FDI Entry Mode and Intangible Capital
Haishi Harry Li (Chicago) – Multinational Production and Global Shock Propagation in the Great Recession
Gustavo Gonzalez (Chicago) – Commodity Price Shocks, Factor Utilization, and Productivity Dynamics
Ezequiel Garcia-Lembergman (Berkeley) – Multi-establishment Firms, Pricing and the Propagation of Local Shocks: Evidence from US Retail
Eduardo Fraga (Yale) – Drivers of Concentration: The Roles of Trade Access, Structural Transformation, and Local Fundamentals
Ebehi Iyoha (Vanderbilt) – Estimating Productivity in the Presence of Spillovers: Firm-level Evidence from the US Production Network
Daniel Bonin (Purdue) – To Greener Pastures: the Domestic Migration Response to Social Policies and Its Impact on Political Polarization
Daisuke Adachi (Yale) – Robots and Wage Polarization: The Effects of Robot Capital across Occupations
Christoph Albert (CEMFI) – Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: the Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin
Chenying Yang (UBC) – Location Choices of Multi-plant Oligopolists: Theory and Evidence from the Cement Industry
Bérengère Patault (CREST-Ecole Polytechnique) – How valuable are business networks? Evidence from sales managers in international markets
Bruno Conte (UAB) – Climate change and migration: the case of Africa
Brett McCully (UCLA) – Immigrants, Legal Status, and Illegal Trade
Arnold Njike (Université Paris Dauphine) – Trade in value-added and the welfare gains of international fragmentation
Armen Khederlarian (Rochester) – Inventories, Input Costs and Productivity Gains from Trade Liberalizations
Alexander Wise (Princeton) – Global Dynamics of Structural Change

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  2. Alejandro Favela

    Hi Jonathan,
    I believe Ezequiel Garcia-Lembergman (, from UC Berkeley, would also fit this list as a trade JMC.

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