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Weekend reading

My exams are next week, but after that I promise a return to actual blogging — more than mere links and excerpts!

In the meantime, you might enjoy:

Dan Drezner & others discussing global governance at Cato Unbound.

A Business Week story on measuring productivity gains in the presence of offshoring: “But new evidence suggests that shifting production overseas has inflicted worse damage on the U.S. economy than the numbers show. BusinessWeek has learned of a gaping flaw in the way statistics treat offshoring, with serious economic and political implications. Top government statisticians now acknowledge that the problem exists, and say it could prove to be significant.” [HT: Thoma]

VoxEU, a new portal from the CEPR featuring numerous top economists, including recent columns by Paul Collier & Tony Venables, Andrew K. Rose, Simon Evenett, and others.

Light blogging ahead

The recent downturn in posting has been due to my upcoming exams. I’ll continue to post links and snippets over the next few weeks, but it’s unlikely that I’ll have time for lengthy pieces. Full-scale Trade Diversion will resume in mid-June. Thanks for reading.

Open thread

It’s a new year – care to suggest a resolution that I should adopt for Trade Diversion? If you’ve got thoughts about topics I should (or shouldn’t cover) or other suggestions for the blog, please leave a comment or email me. Thanks!

Should I blog while in grad school?

I was at an exciting seminar for the last five days without internet access, but I should have a few interesting items to post about in the near future.

I’m starting an M.Phil. in Economics in the fall. At this point, I plan to continue blogging while in grad school, because I think that it’s complementary to research activities. Studying might reduce my (already light) bogging activity, but I see no reason to give up Trade Diversion entirely. Is anyone aware of grad students that have opined about the value of blogging in comparison to the opportunity costs?

Apologies for the Brief Hiatus

Between taking finals, graduating, packing, repacking, moving to a new city, and starting an internship, I’ve been too busy to post anything of consequence. I should be back in another week or so.

In the meantime, Tyler Cowen points to an interesting abstract on variables influencing a paper’s likelihood of being cited.