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Open thread

It’s a new year – care to suggest a resolution that I should adopt for Trade Diversion? If you’ve got thoughts about topics I should (or shouldn’t cover) or other suggestions for the blog, please leave a comment or email me. Thanks!

Should I blog while in grad school?

I was at an exciting seminar for the last five days without internet access, but I should have a few interesting items to post about in the near future.

I’m starting an M.Phil. in Economics in the fall. At this point, I plan to continue blogging while in grad school, because I think that it’s complementary to research activities. Studying might reduce my (already light) bogging activity, but I see no reason to give up Trade Diversion entirely. Is anyone aware of grad students that have opined about the value of blogging in comparison to the opportunity costs?

Apologies for the Brief Hiatus

Between taking finals, graduating, packing, repacking, moving to a new city, and starting an internship, I’ve been too busy to post anything of consequence. I should be back in another week or so.

In the meantime, Tyler Cowen points to an interesting abstract on variables influencing a paper’s likelihood of being cited.

A response to critics regarding my Bulletin letter

My writing is “surprisingly naive and highly superficial,” to such a degree that it is obvious that I have “limited knowledge of global economics,” according to a pair of Canadian fair trade activists. They’re responding to a fairly conservative piece on the WTO that I published in my college newspaper in December. I find their tone disrespectful, but it would be unwise to fail to respond to published criticism of my opinions, so here are a few excerpts from their posts and my rebuttal.

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What should I do next summer?

I have yet to decide what to do this summer after I graduate. One option would be to work as an intern or research assistant at an institute focusing on development and trade topics. If you have suggestions about where I should apply for such a position, or other ideas about how to best spend my summer between undergraduate and graduate studies, please leave a comment. Thanks!

My Ongoing Hiatus

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last month. Without declaring an official hiatus, I’ve been neglecting the blog in order to focus upon my graduate school applications and some research work. I anticipate that the neglect will continue until Christmas.

If that leaves your appetite for trade and development blogging unsatiated, some of the best posts I’ve read lately have been from Jim at Our Word Is Our Weapon. Check him out.

The Diversion Begins…

Welcome to my new blogging home.

I took a month-long mid-summer break from the blogosphere. Although I missed the opportunity to blog about topics such as CAFTA’s congressional battles, the Live8 concert, and the abolition of US cotton subsidies, I think the hiatus was beneficial. Taking a break promoted thinking about the topics that I cover from a perspective uninfluenced by a temptation to blog about them. Now I’m back and ready to offer fresh commentary.

Why the new location? I’m still the same author and the content will be similar in focus. The new blog merely better reflects what I do; the old blog title implied that I’d be discussing sweatshops and labor conditions in developing countries, but, as I blogged, my interest shifted away from debunking anti-globalization arguments. This new blog title reflects my interest in agricultural subsidies, preferential market access and other issues that are not nearly as black-and-white as whether the low wage jobs MNCs provide in poor countries are preferable to imposing US-level labor standards.

Plus, everyone loves a bad pun. Thanks for reading.